Safety Rules for Children

Safety Rules for Children
Safety Rules for Children
Hello, my name is Gulzar Isayeva and I am ten years old. From a very young age, I loved writing and reading books. One day an idea came to my mind to write my first book about safety of children and publish it worldwide, because I want to protect children from unsafe acts. I know what safety is, because I’m from a large family with four children, and I’m the eldest. The characters of this book are taken from the image of my younger sister and brother. I believe my book will help children stay safe!
Yaş Kateqoriyası: 6 yaşdan yuxarı
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ISBN: 978-9952-532-55-5
Qiymət: 10.00 AZN
Müəllif: Gülzar Isayeva
İllüstrator: Zöhrab Cabbarov
Ölçü: 200x230mm
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